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A new home for The Cause?

New venue will be tried out on NYE

2019 Nov 23     
2 Bit Thugs

However there is "still plenty of red-tape to get through" before the club's new home can become permanent

Based in Tottenham, London club night The Cause has raised over £50,000 for various charities since its inception. They have to be out of their current building very soon – but now it's hoped that a new warehouse venue nearby will provide a solution.

Although The Cause warn that there is "still plenty of red-tape to get through" before the new venue can become the club's official new home, they're giving the place a dummy run on 31 December, with their New Year's Eve party spread across both the existing venue – where it will be the last – and the new one, which has a capacity of 750 and is only a four-minute bus ride away, with free shuttle buses running between the two all night.

The line-up for the party is still TBA, but heavy-hitters who've graced the decks at The Cause previously include the likes of Gerd Janson, Shanti Celeste, DJ Deeon, Rossko, Jamie xx and Daniel Avery.

Announcing the news, The Cause co-founder Stuart Glen said: "Since we opened, we were always hunting for our next site. For a variety of reasons, quite simply none of them have been perfect. However we knew when we stepped inside here, that we could re-create the magic we’re known for… IF we can win over the powers that be. We have a lot of battles, and quite simply, if we don’t win these, our dreams here will never evolve. As such, we’ve seized the opportunity and are extending our last dance in our current space into the first dance of what may or may not be our new home."

Tickets for the event are on sale now, currently priced at £30+BF – or £10+BF as long as you're prepared to get there before 6pm. To get yours, click here.





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