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Anna Tur

Ibiza's very own local hero

2018 Jul 18     
2 Bit Thugs

How Ibiza native Anna Tur juggles multiple dance music careers as a fast-rising DJ, radio executive and label owner

When it comes to the island of Ibiza and dance music, there are few pies Anna Tur doesn't have a finger in. By day she's the managing director of Ibiza Global Radio TV, which attracts over 12 million monthly views/listens online. By night, when she's not taking her chunky, tech-infused house sets around the world, she's a regular in the booths of some of the island's best-loved clubs.

Since 2016 she's been running her own Ibiza-based label, too. Illusion Music's catalogue so far includes Anna's own New Illusion and Storm EPs, plus EPs from Toni Moreno and Out & About and, most, recently, a various artists EP featuring tracks from Antony PL, GruuvElements and others.

Oh, and she also just happens to be an Ibiza native who's lived there her entire life! So who better to ask about changes in the Ibiza scene?


Growing up in Ibiza, at what age did you first realise that it's not quite like other places?

"Nice question! Probably when I was sitting in the back seat of my parents’ car and a couple of times I asked them what was going on in those huge houses, with loads of lights and so many people around. I guess I must have known they were having a party, but was just told “It’s somewhere the daddies work”. And the other answer… “We’ll explain it to you when you’re a little older”!"

And can you recall your own first experiences of the Ibiza club scene?

"Of course, how could I ever forget? It was at Space in 2009, as a guest of Camilo Franco, who was a resident back then. At the beginning of the season he had his own night called One Night With, and I was invited a couple of times. It's been an addiction since then. I also remember the first DJ who came to my debut to support me and be with me was Cristian Varela, so thanks Cristian!

What have been some of the biggest changes you've seen since then?

"Well, change isn't always about evolution, it's about fashion. In recent years, different genres have appeared - some good, some bad! But it's our job here to adapt to it all."

Much of the club scene in Ibiza now seems more oriented to a big-spending crowd - bottle service, EDM superstars etc. Is the underground still thriving despite that, or is it at risk of getting crowded out?

"No, it's still thriving, but in a more discreet way. In short, it’s maybe more minimal these days, without the fireworks. But there is amazing music to be found here if you know where to look."

As a native, how do you feel about the seeming recent 'pushback' by locals, in terms of locals protesting about noise, the curfew in San Antonio and so on? Does a new accord need to be reached between the wishes/needs of the local population and those of the tourist/clubbing industries?

"I’ve been quite vocal about this before but nothing ever seems to change here from that perspective. I am truly outraged, sad and angry as there is honestly an incoherence and total disconnect between the leisure companies and the institutions. It’s a big mistake that I feel we’ll be paying for very soon. It would be great if they can stop their greediness before then, but we’ll see what happens."

When you're not DJing you're running Ibiza Global Radio. Can you talk us through a typical daily/weekly routine (if there's any such thing!)?

"Really, I spend my whole life awake... I sleep very little and Ibiza Global Radio occupies an important space in my time, especially during the summer season.

"For my own DJing, I concentrate on everything between Friday and Sunday: things that come up during the week have to be very special to be able to accept them. Many Mondays I arrive directly at the office from any city in Europe that same morning and nothing has happened. So while I try to separate my executive and artistic part completely, my whole life is about music."

As if that wasn't enough you also have your own Illusion Music label - what have you got coming up on the label?

"Yes, this project is my little baby, of which I am proud, and it's been very much supported so far. So I’m really delighted with how it’s been progressing.

"With the summer season in full bloom, we’re about to release a remarkable EP by local artists Miguel Garji and Viana. Into My Soul and Pink Telephone pretty much sum up what the experienced DJ/producers stand for: deep and atmospheric electronic music for dancefloors and airwaves worldwide. While Into My Soul represents the most well-known side of those faithful deep house advocates, Pink Telephone shows the more driving, upbeat facet of the duo. Imaginative, authentic sounds from two of the island´s most trusted and representative creators.

"I'm very excited to present this one to the world. I’ve been playing the tracks in my sets for a while and they always make an impression!"

Where can iDJ readers hear you play in the next month or so?

"Well it’s going to be another busy summer, but some places I’ll be include the following:

Neversea festival, Romania
La Terrazza, Atenas, Costa Rica
Sunset Emotions, Formentera
Cantieri, Pescara, Italy
Untold festival, Romania
Dance D Vision festival, Brussels
Pacha, Barcelona

So if you’re around please do come and say hello!"

Finally, what else is going on in Anna Tur's world that iDJ readers need to know about?

"I'm looking forward to one day presenting you with a musical project that's closely linked to the island and its traditions... something very, very special. Apart from this, every day I try to be more and more linked to nature and animals."

Words: Russell Deeks Pic: Jordi Cervera 

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