2017 May 21     
2 Bit Thugs

Ian Pooley and The Martinez Brothers supply a brace of killer remixes

Matthew Dear dons his Audion hat to release two new tracks with some heavyweight remixes, which were born out of a studio session that veered into house territory and was therefore perfectly suited to the esteemed Hot Creations label.

The first track is the original mix of Starfucker, which starts out as a techy jam with distorted samples over a simple bassline and percussion pattern until, for no reason apart for the aural pleasure of it, it shoots off down a funkier, bass-led path with retro drums and crazy sounds that make for one seriously groove-laden and danceable track. Next up is Ian Pooley’s interpretation, which is again liberally dipped in funk but has a more techy feel, thanks mainly to the the drum programming but also to other elements like synth stabs and risers. Then up step The Martinez Brothers who turn out the lights and let the dark tech commence, with eerie sounds and acidic warbling over an upped-tempo backbeat which is good but ever so slightly menacing. Finally you have the second track Need Your Loving, which brings it back to house but in a frenetic style, with female vocal samples, pronounced bleeps and a busy percussive framework to support. Chuck in a spoken male vocal sample towards the end and the track (and the EP) is complete.

This is a fine outing, with both the originals and the remixes sounding seriously good. I suspect that you will be hearing a lot of this release in the coming months at various finessed soirees and underground sweatboxes, as this package has universal appeal to fans of house and tech genres.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 26 May


Review Score: 9




Tags: Audion, Matthew Dear, Hot Creations, Ian Pooley, The Martinez Brothers