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Blackpool Festival 2018

Old school fun in the sun

2018 Jul 15     
2 Bit Thugs

The first weekend in July saw Blackpool promenade rocking to vintage house and rave - here's how it went down

Wall-to-wall classics, 30° blazing sunshine, England beating Sweden 2-0, smiles all round, new dancefloor friends... we can't even begin to tell you how much fun we had at Blackpool Festival. So we're not even gonna try.

Well, okay, for form's sake we should attempt some words. So, the one-day event formerly known as Back To The Old Pool this year became a three-day party on Blackpool's promenade, right at the foot of the world famous Tower. Friday afternoon was given over to current house DJs such as Grant Mizon, Mason Maynard (who impressed muchly), local hero Danny Howard and Pirate Copy, before Roger Sanchez, Sister Bliss and Example took over for the evening. On the Saturday, which is still branded Back To The Old Pool, the festival expanded considerably, with three extra tents hosted by The Syndicate (trance), Sanctuary (hard dance) and More Cake (old school), while the Sunday was, quite oddly, given over to a family event with kids' entertainers and such.

iDJ was there from the 3pm Friday opening till the 11pm close on Saturday, along with a fair few thousand others made up of, roughly, 60-70% ageing ravers and 30-40% of the younger clubbing generation. If you want highlights, then Sanchez's Friday night main stage set was absolutely off the hook, while Stu Allen's closing session in the More Cake tent was sheer nostalgic euphoria... plus, of course, we can think of a lot worse ways to spend a Saturday afternoon than listening to Graeme Park lay down the Haçienda classics while watching England win on a huge screen next to the stage!

But with the line-up also including Todd Terry, Erick Morillo, Paul Oakenfold (twice), Judge Jules, Faithless (really just Sister Bliss), Seb Fontaine, Slipmatt, Utah Saints, Altern-8, Dave Pearce, Marco V, David Dunne, Dax On Sax, Andy Whitby, Public Domain and many more, it wasn't like quality dancefloor moments were in short supply.

So rather than bang on about it, we'll let the pictures do the talking...

A big shout out to all those we danced and partied with and a huge thanks to Russell Pate, Jason Fubar, Barry Almond, Nicola Freitas and the rest of the team for having us - can't wait to do it all again next year!

Words: Russell Deeks Pics: Rash Yaman





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