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Budget DJ gear from Roland

Introducing the TT-99 turntable and DJ-99 mixer

2016 Sep 15     
2 Bit Thugs

Old-fashioned vinyl DJ gear... at satisfyingly old-fashioned prices

While today's state-of-the-art mixers may play music from a multitude of sources, control digital DJ software and offer all manner of onboard FX and other sonic wizardry, it's nice to know that someone's thinking of the good ol' vinyl DJs. And right now, that someone is Roland Corp, whose bonanza product launch last week included the TT-99 turntable and DJ-99 mixer.

While the new Boutique editions of the TB-303 and TR-909 have been grabbing all the headlines, the 909 Day big reveal also included this three-speed direct drive turntable and two-channel mixer, whose more or less sole concession to modernity is a pair of DVS outs for use with Serato, Traktor etc.

Both products are available now, retailing at £289 for the TT-99 deck and £209 for the DJ-99 mixer.

For more information, see here (TT-99) and here (DJ-99)





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