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Cox and Space Ibiza become partners

So will the legendary club be rebuilt?

2018 Sep 18     
2 Bit Thugs

Sadly, they're keeping tight-lipped about their plans for now...

After Carl Cox spoke a few weeks ago about his desire to rebuild Space Ibiza, today it was announced that he has set up a new four-way partnership with Pepe Rosello, owner/founder of Space, plus former general manager Juan Arenas and promoter Dave Browning. 

We're told they're joining forces "to drive the Space Ibiza brand forwards," although what exactly that will entail isn't yet clear. The official announcement says merely that "none of the partners can either confirm or deny the many rumours of a new venue in Ibiza - suffice to say that this is just the first page in the next chapter of the story of the best club in the world".

Cox did say, however, that "we already have some exciting news for next year" - so watch this, er, space...





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