2018 Dec 30     
2 Bit Thugs

Spanish producer Eyko shows himself to have a nifty way with vocals

Frequenza Black Label bring us a fine minimal/deep tech cut from Spanish producer Eyko that's served up in three mixes – though the track's most distinctive feature is the vocal (or rather one of the two vocals).

See, when you first hear the crackling, echoing male voice on Horizonte, you'd swear it was a sample from NASA's mission control – such vocals are certainly common enough. Listen closely, though, and the next thing you'll notice is that the 'mission controller' is reading out a web address – it is, in fact, some fella telling you about his book and his album, and where you can buy them. Whether the NASA effect is because it's been taped off a badly tuned radio or the result of some clever FX trickery, I couldn't tell you, but either way it's a neat little trompe l'oreille that instantly lifts Horizonte above the rest of the deep tech throng.

As for the three mixes: the Original is a simple chuggin', rollin' groove, overlaid with atmospherics, the occasional drum fill, sub-aquatic sounds and the aforesaid tricksy vocal, as well as a second, distorted one saying "I'll take you down". Label boss Loui Fernandez ups the tempo a notch and strips away some of the denser atmospherics, making for a mix that's a little lighter on its feet; he also ditches the ersatz NASA vocal and lets the second, Saw-like vocal take the lead. And then finally there's Gunther's Projekt Remix, which takes us into bassier, techier and, again, ever-so-slightly pacier territory, while adding some cut-up female vocal snips in place of the scary man who wants to take us down.

The latter is perhaps the most obvious pick for dancefloor play, but this is quality fare all round.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 28 December



Review Score: 8




Tags: Eyko, Frequenza Black Label, Loui Fernandez, Gunther, deep tech, minimal,