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Fabric to remain closed

Club's licence has been suspended indefinitely

2016 Aug 16     
2 Bit Thugs

DJs have been expressing their dissatisfaction with the whole situation on social media

It has been confirmed that Fabric is closed indefinitely, following two recent drug deaths at the club.

On Thursday, we reported that the club would not be opening at the weekend by agreement with the Metropolitan Police. On Friday, however, the Islington Gazette reported that the club's licence was to be suspended indefinitely, and this was confirmed on Fabric's own website today.

A statement from Islington Borough Council said: "After two recent drug-related deaths, the Metropolitan Police applied for an interim suspension of Fabric’s licence. Fabric agreed not to contest this application, and a licensing sub-committee has today suspended Fabric’s licence. This will be followed by a review of Fabric’s licence within 28 days

The post on Fabric's own website says simply: "Last weekend we agreed with the Metropolitan Police Service and other agencies to close the club in order to investigate an incident which recently occurred at our venue. Further to the statement issued by the MPS last Friday, we can confirm that our operation remains suspended. The club will therefore be closed again this weekend. We will make a further statement when we have more information."

News of the club's closure has prompted DJs to speak out on social media.

Saytek posted on Facebook: "Fabric closing breaks my heart. I love London and value this culture that has been demonised since the Acid House era. We need sensible drugs policy: there are far more alcohol-related deaths than any recreational drugs, even when taking into account the proportion of users. It's tragic two young people had to die, but its not Fabric's fault - they do everything they can to keep them safe. It's draconian laws that mean not only hundreds of kids die from contaminated/over-strength pills but the money from these drugs is funding the black market. Legalise, regulate, tax, treat addiction. Prohibition is not working - it's just causing needless death, pain and suffering on an unbelievable scale."

Meanwhile on Twittter, several big-name DJs including Chase & Status, DJ Die, Plastician, Daniel Avery and Artwork appealed to London mayor Sadiq Khan to intervene and stop Fabric's licence being revoked. The mayor responded by tweeting, "I'm urging #Fabric, the Met & Islington to find an approach that protects clubbers' safety & the future of the club."

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