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Glasgow's SWG3 goes green with 'Bodyheat'

Powering the club with energy from out on the floor

2021 Aug 20     
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Bodyheat will make its debut at a party headlined by Honey Dijon on 7 November

Glasgow mega-venue SWG3 is hosting a very special event during the week of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) that will see the club capturing and storing the heat energy generated on the dancefloor, thanks to a new system they're calling 'Bodyheat'.

Essentially, Bodyheat is air-con on steroids… only instead of simply sucking in hot air from the room and expelling it into the cold air outside, Bodyheat sucks in hot air from the room, then stores it in one of 17 boreholes, some 150-200m deep, that are being drilled below the club even as we speak. The stored heat energy can then be used to heat (or cool) other areas of the club at a later date.

The system has been developed in association with geothermal energy specialists TownRock Energy and engineering consultants Harley Haddow, and it's estimated that using it will reduced the venue's energy consumption by a whopping 70 per cent.

Bodyheat will make its debut at a COP26 event on 7 November that will be headlined by Honey Dijon. Ms Dijon's fashion brand (honeyfuckingdijion) has also designed a limited-edition Bodyheat t-shirt which will be on sale at the event, as well as via the Dover Street Market fashion chain.

Honey Dijon, said: “Anything we can do at this moment to help climate change is a positive thing. This new system of channelling energy from the dancefloor is something innovative and sustainable. The inspiration and energy of the Paradise Garage is a fun way to exemplify how this system works and is reflected in the design of the SWG3 x honeyfuckingdijon colourful and vibrant t-shirt.”

Tickets for the party on 7 November are on sale now, currently priced £14+BF. To get yours, hit up SWG3's own website.

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