2021 Oct 26     
2 Bit Thugs

Medellin native Insanity Circle is the man behind Delve Deeper's first album release

It's a big week for Sheffield deep house label Delve Deeper as they unleash their first-ever full-length release (and their 150th release overall), which is the work of Colombian producer Brayan Sanchez, AKA Insanity Circle. Let's have a listen, then…

The 12-track album – which is available in both mixed and unmixed versions, with the mixed version also getting a physical CD release – begins with the title track. "Las campanas siguen sonando" means "the bells keep ringing" in Spanish, so it's apt that the track essentially consists of a variety of bell sounds (one deep and resonant, plus some chimier ones) that sit atop an ominous evolving pad. But that's just by way of a two-minute intro: the album really gets into its stride once the second track Primera Linea arrives with its nice chunky bass throb and nagging, stabby keys. 

Oda Al Anochecer, the first of several tracks featuring the vocals of regular collaborator Paula Gonzalez, then takes us into dreamy, more melodic-leaning territory, where we stay for Balearic drifter Ausencia before Conservar El Recuerdo drags us back to the dancefloor with its pleasing blend of long, lingering pads and scorching 303s. As the album goes on, it's the dreamier, more downtempo sounds that predominate, but Constantes Y Variables packs a little more bottom-end heft while also worthy of note is Ritual Para Una Reencarnacian Sin Olvido, which has something of an 80s-ish/nu-disco kinda vibe around the edges.

With just enough floor-friendly cuts to prevent it getting boring, if you're looking for an album to soothe your ears, your mind and your soul during those frazzled post-club sessions – or the day after – then this is one to check for sure.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date:  29 October



Review Score: 8




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