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Kölsch announces album #4

'Now Here No Where' will be out on 25 September

2020 Aug 21     
2 Bit Thugs

The album is trailed by a two-track EP that's out on Kompakt today

Danish melodic techno don Kölsch has announced the title and release date for his next album.

Now Where No Where is the Copenhagen native's fourth long-player. It drops on 25 September on Kompakt, who also released Kölsch's previous three albums 1977, 1983 and 1989, and we're promised 12 tracks of "meticulously rendered techno"… as if that was much of a surprise!

Kölsch himself says Now Here No Where is "an album about life in 2020. A time defined by confusion, misinformation and environmental challenges. It is an emotional interpretation of personal and mental challenges, observations and personal growth. Most of all, it is an album about hope."

The album's release is trailed by a two-track EP, featuring the title track Now Where No Where and While Waiting For Something To Care About, which is out today.

Below, you can see Kölsch's recent livestream from Copenhagen's Cisternerne Museum.






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