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Kölsch to play at the Eiffel Tower

Watch the live stream on his Facebook page on Monday

2017 Oct 12     
2 Bit Thugs

Gig staged by streaming outfit Cercle Music is expected to reach 15m people

Danish techno don Kölsch will play a special DJ set on the Eiffel Tower in Paris this coming Monday (16 December). The gig will be broadcast live via YouTube and Kölsch's Facebook page courtesy of streaming specialists Cercle Music, and it's expected that up to 15 million viewers will tune in worldwide.

Kölsch - the artist formerly known as Rune RK, Artificial Funk and various other aliases - will be playing from 6pm-7.15pm local time (so 5pm-6.15pm UK time). Exactly whereabouts on the Tower he'll be hasn't been made clear, but it's worth noting that various bands have done gigs at the Tower before - Muse played there last year, for instance - so if you were hoping to see him perched on top of the spire armed only with a laptop, a DJ controller and a cheeky grin, you might be disappointed! It's still a pretty impressive way to kick off his new world tour, though.

The tour is to promote his latest album 1989, the final part of the autobiograhical trilogy on Kompakt that began with 1977 in 2013, and after the Paris gig you can catch him at the following dates:

Awakenings ADE, Amsterdam (20 Oct)
ADE Audio Obscura x Spectrum, Amsterdam (21 Oct)
Heart, Miami (27 Oct)
La Bacchanale, Montreal (28 Oct)
Audio, San Francisco (31 Oct)
BNP Club, Cordoba, Argentina (3 Nov)
Valinhos, S.P, Brasil (4 Nov)
Laroc Sunset Club, Buenos Aires, Argentina (5 Nov)
Fabric, London (9 Nov) **
Faust, Paris (10 Nov)
Panoramabar, Berlin (11 Nov)
District 8, Dublin (16 Nov)
Gewölbe, Cologne (17 Nov)
Labyrinth, Hasselt, Belgium (18 Nov)
Volt, Milan (24 Nov)
Sub Club, Glasgow, UK Sub Club (26 Nov)
Australia Forum Theatre, Melbourne (8 Dec) **
Greenwood, Sydney (9 Dec) **
Venue tbc, New York (15 Dec)
USA Sound, Los Angeles (16 Dec)

** Denotes live performances rather than DJ gigs

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