Junior Boy's Own

2 Bit Thugs

Junior Boy's Own is a London, UK-based brand specializing in dance music. The label began c. 1991 as a property of the Boy's Own Recordings company, whose namesake was the Boy's Own Productions label. For a time, there were concurrent releases on Boy's Own (BOIX/BOX series), Collect Boy's Own (COLLECT series), and Junior Boy's Own (JBO and JNR 1- and 2-digit series, and non-V2 CHEM series). Eventually, Junior Boy's Own became the dominant brand and the company [l294986 was formed around it. This company was superseded by [l281694. The advent of Junior Records Ltd. marked a period of shifting label ownership and licensing confusion. Its Junior Boy's Own-branded JBO and JNR 7-digit series bookended its own Junior London-branded BRG series. The company was, for a time, owned by V2, and co-branded releases have also been licensed through Parlophone and Virgin Records (with and without the Freestyle Dust brand). Name variations: - Junior Boy's Own - Junior Boys Own