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NI upgrades Maschine and Kontrol

New hardware available to pre-order now

2017 Sep 09     
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The new units will retail for £479 and £479/£559 respectively

Native Instruments has upgraded two of its most popular pieces of studio hardware, the Maschine workstation and the Komplete Kontrol keyboard.

The most immediately obvious change to Maschine Mk3 is that the two LCD displays have been upgraded to full-colour, hi-res screens, as seen previously on the Maschine Studio model. There's also now a built-in 96kHz/24-bit audio interface for greater ease of connectivity, which will also be improved thanks to the inclusion, for the first time, of audio line in/out jacks as well as MIDI ports.

Elsewhere on Maschine Mk3, many of the previously brightly coloured buttons are now a more muted matt black, and they're slightly closer together to make way for those larger LCDs. There are four new buttons for features that were previously accessed using the Shift button - Pad Mode, Keyboard, Chord Mode and Step Mode - and the unit now has mic, pedal and headphone I/O, as well as a mod strip that can be used like a pitch bend or mod wheel on a keyboard. The new unit will retail for £479.

Meanwhile, the Komplete Kontrol Mk2 keyboard - set to retail at £479 for the 48-key model, or £559 for the 61-key version - also gets full-colour, hi-res screens, plus a whopping 17 new function buttons and the same mod strip found on Maschine. DAW integration with the likes of Ableton Live and Logic Pro X has also been improved.

"These latest products signify a new milestone in our journey, said Native Instruments president Mate Galic. "Holistic, tactile experiences and optimised layouts showcase the most powerful features in a completely intuitive way and support a sustained workflow."

For the full skinny, see Native Instruments' own website.





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