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Numark announces Mixstream Pro

A standalone DJ controller for £499

2021 Oct 21     
2 Bit Thugs

Is it time to ditch the laptop? Numark unveils a new one-box DJ solution

New from Numark comes the Mixstream Pro, a new entry-level standalone DJ controller that lets you mix digital music without the need for a laptop.

Equipped with all the usual six-inch touch-sensitive jogwheels, performance pads, three-band EQ per channel, filters and FX we've come to expect, the Mixstream Pro can be used in a variety of ways. It's equipped with two USB ports and an SD Card slot, for those who like to carry their tunes with them; alternatively, you can mix with tracks streamed from Beatport Link, Beatsource Link, Tidal and Soundcloud Go+.

You can also connect the Mixstream Pro to your Dropbox account and stream tracks from there – or if you really want to, you can hook up a laptop anyway, at which point the Mixstream Pro becomes a ready-to-go controller for Denon PRIME DJ software.

All this, and there's a built-in set of speakers, too, located at the bottom of the machine – these are intended to serve as monitors or for “casual listening, cookouts, pool parties, and gatherings of family and friends.” 

In terms of I/O you've got RCA and balanced XLR outs, plus a 1/4-inch mic input, while the unit can also connect to Philips Home Hue smart lighting to create a basic home light show that can be controlled from the seven-inch HD touchscreen, or – if you analyse your tunes with the SoundSwitch desktop software first – be used to control a DMX lighting rig.

The Mixstream Pro is available now, priced £499. For more information, see Numark's own website.







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