Southsea's Pie and Vinyl Record Cafe

The idea of Pie & Vinyl is simple, combining our love and passion for music with one of England’s favourite old fashioned comfort foods in a stylish cosy location in Castle road, Southsea. Pie & Vinyl invite all of our brothers and sisters who currently inhabit this historically significant, fashionably vibrant culturally exciting city, to explore, enjoy and revel in this unique experience.

  • PhoneNumber:004423 9275 3914
  • AlsoSells:Pies & Mash Cakes Coffee Ice Cream Biscuits Turn-Tables Record Frames Concert Posters Cordial Drinks
  • Address:61 Castle Rd, SouthseaPO5 3AYHampshire, UK
  • City:Portsmouth
  • State:England
  • Country:United Kingdom