Johnny's Records

2 Bit Thugs

Johnny's has been in business since 1975. Originally begun by the owner John Konrad as a way to channel his overactive libido, Johnny's rapidly became famous and infamous from coast to coast as a place where music, imagination and life meet in a psychedelic blend of pranksterism and outlaw humor. Former employee Moby once said, "Johnny's is the kind of place where I could lose my mind if I could only remember where I left it." Ronnie James Dio told Johnny his jewelry was groovy. Two of the four

  • PhoneNumber:(203) 655-0157
  • AlsoSells:t-shirts posters miscellaneous
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  • Address:45 Tokeneke Rd, Darien, CT 06820
  • City:Darien
  • State:Connecticut
  • Country:United States