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Roland announces DJ-707M

The ultimate controller for mobile DJs?

2019 Aug 16     
2 Bit Thugs

The new unit combines a Serato DJ Pro controller, speaker management system and basic live sound desk in one box

Roland has announced a new DJ controller, the DJ-707M, that combines DJ performance capabilities with features which will be useful for mobile DJs.

As Roland puts it: "Mobile DJs don't just play music – they're also the MC, sound tech, lighting designer and sometimes the event organiser, too." The DJ-707M has been designed, therefore, to make the mobile jock's life easier.

So yes, the DJ-707M is a fully-fledged four-channel Serato DJ Pro controller, complete with iZotope audio effects, a fully adjustable crossfader, dual USB ports, per-channel filter and FX, and eight performance pads per channel, plus – a nice touch – a Roland TR drum machine tucked away on Deck 3. But it's also got front-facing Aux ins (on 1/4-inch jacks and RCA phono) in case any guest musicians or performers need to plug in their equipment, up to four Mic inputs with their own dedicated EQ/FX, a loudspeaker management system that lets you set EQ, compression and limiting independently for each of your Booth, Master and Zone outputs, and a Scenes function that lets you store those settings for recall later (which will be useful for DJs who regularly take their own kit to several different venues, for instance).

Already picking up rave reviews among the mobile DJ community, the DJ-707M measures 474x331x73mm, weighs 3.5kg and is available now, priced £879.

For more information, see Roland's own website.





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