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Roland is on the GO

Introducing the ultra-portable GO:MIXER

2017 May 07     
2 Bit Thugs

A smartphone sound mixer for podcasters, YouTubers and field recordists

New from Roland comes the GO:MIXER, a tiny audio mixer for use with smartphones. And when we say tiny, we mean tiny!

The ultra-compact GO:MIXER measures just 95x95x28mm - that's not much bigger than a pad of Post-It notes - yet somehow manages to cram in inputs for up to five sources at once: there are dedicated inputs for a vocal mic, guitar/bass and keyboard, plus two additional line-level inputs for MP3 players, drum machines or whatever else. The relative sound levels of these inputs can be controlled using rotary per-channel volume knobs on the top panel, while a headphone jack with its own level control, a master volume control and a Center Cancel function (essentially a midrange kill for stripping out vocals) complete the feature set. The unit draws its power from your smartphone via USB, so no batteries or external power source are required.

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, the GO:MIXER is really aimed at podcasters and YouTubers who want better quality sound for their videos and podcasts, or at wannabe Ed Sheeran types, but its diminutive size means it could also prove useful to those making field recordings. You could even plug an output from your DJ mixer into one Aux input and a microphone into the mic socket, and use it to make your own 'live' mix album complete with crowd noise.

The GO:MIXER is available now, priced £85. For more info, see Roland's own website.





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