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Sick Cycle

"Lights In The Sky/Face Of God"

Label: Section 8 Bass

2017 Feb 21     
2 Bit Thugs

Kiwi duo Sick Cycle deliver two uber-deep cuts that'll have the headnodders in raptures

Generally more readily associated with the more full-on and gnarly side of dubstep, Christchurch, NZ duo Sick Cycle are no slouches when it comes to the deeper vibes, either... as this dark two-tracker for Section 8 Bass ably demonstrates.

We're not using the words 'deep' and 'dark' lightly, either: we're talking 'getting somewhere near Earth's liquid outer core' deep, and levels of darkness that'll make you want to watch a Saw movie before bedtime just to lighten the mood. Put it another way, y'know how you foolishly agreed to DJ at your Auntie Margaret's wedding? Don't pack this!

Lights In The Sky opens with barely-there atmospherics and strange ethereal whistles, before introducing the sparse, steppy drums and cavernous bassline. And then that, bar some scrape-y synth FX and what sound like they might be fragments of distorted speech, is pretty much it - this is one for those late night/early morning moments when talking is no longer necessary/possible and all there is to do is nod along. Flip it, and Face Of God ploughs a similar furrow, but is a bit more jagged around the edges and has some vocal snatches you can actually just about make out the words of through the heavy distortion.

Face Of God is fine, but it's really Lights In The Sky that's earned this its place here.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 20 February



Review Score: 8




Tags: Sick Cycle, Section 8 Bass, dubstep