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Solid Steel enters its final week

Juan Atkins is on the decks for the final show on Friday

2018 Dec 04     
2 Bit Thugs

The weekly show has been running for 30 years – but will be back in a new format for 2019

Coldcut's Solid Steel radio show, which has been aired every week for 30 years, is coming to an end this week - and going out on a bang with a week-long series of high-profile guest mixes. The show will return, we're told, in an as-yet-unspecificed new format some time next year.

Solid Steel's first ever broadcast, back in 1988, was on Kiss FM (then still a London pirate station) and featured as its guest Detroit techno wizard Juan Atkins. So it's only fitting that he's back to close out the 30-year run with a final live broadcast on NTS Radio Friday 7 December.

Atkins shares his memories of that historic first broadcast: "I remember doing the show with Coldcut in 1988 from someone’s apartment, like on the ninth floor or so in what seemed to be a huge apartment building. I was amazed by all of the pirate radio stations in London that were introducing the UK to all the new music, music styles and genres. We had nothing like that in the USA. Pirate radio stations in the UK were responsible for this music making it into the charts as well."

Since then, the show has gone on to welcome a dazzlingly wide range of guests, from Kenny Dope and Todd Edwards to Throbbing Gristle and Autechre, via Bonobo, Four Tet, Diplo, The Orb, Âme, Helena Hauff, DJ Shadow, Peggy Gou and many, many more. In an equally eclectic spirit, other shows in this final week, all of which can be streamed at, will come from Gerd Janson, HAAi, The Bug, Mark Pritchard and Burnt Friedman, as well as Solid Steel residents DJ Food and DK.

Today's show comes from The Bug, AKA iDJ's former reggae correspondent Kevin Martin, who said: "It's a pleasure to deliver my first mix for Solid Steel since the mixes me and JK Flesh delivered as ICE in the late 90s. Solid Steel has always encouraged freedom of movement and surprises in their choices, and I wanted to ensure I did something special to celebrate the diversity of the show down the years."

The full list of the week's 30 Years Of Solid Steel broadcasts is as follows:

4 Dec: The Bug, Burnt Friedman
5 Dec: Mark Pritchard and The Milky Man, DJ Food
6 Dec: Gerd Janson, HAAi
7 Dec: Juan Atkins, Coldcut






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