2017 Jan 25     
2 Bit Thugs

A brace of excellent remixes come from Latmun and Saytek.

The Golden Boy, AKA Dominic Hammonds, comes to Jamie Jones and Lee Foss’s Emerald City Music for this, his first release of 2017. He's described Egyptian Lover as "a statement of what is to come from me in 2017," which begs the question, is it any good?

Well, the simple answer is yes! But to go into more detail... the Original Mix starts with a swung drum pattern, to which are added an Egyptian tribal chant, a funky bassline, and plenty of claps and double kickdrum hits which make it into a seriously funky release. Add some one-note string lines and subtle risers and you have a bit of a tribal funk bomb on your hands.

The remixes also deliver the goods, with the first coming from Latmun. It starts with a kickdrum and vocal samples, then adds a different, but still seriously funky bassline. The Egyptian chant is also featured here but it's not as prominent in the mix, which is laden with percussive elements that work really well. The second mix is by Saytek, AKA Joseph Keevill, who takes it deeper and adds piano and other vocal stabs and hardly uses the chant at all. It's a lot more chilled than the other two rubs, but still sounds great.

As for a favourite, for me it's a toss-up between the first two mixes. They both have lots of funky elements, which I love in any track, but if pushed I'd have to plump for the Original, as it has a more instant appeal and I know it will go off on a dancefloor.

Make no mistake, though: this is no one-trick pony. All three mixes are of very high quality, and well worth seeking out.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 17 February




Review Score: 9




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