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Tiga announces new album 'No Fantasy Required'

Full-length number three drops on Counter Records on 4 March

2016 Jan 13     
2 Bit Thugs

Tiga has worked closely with Matthew Dear on this album, which also features Hudson Mohawke

Tiga has announced that his long-awaited third album, No Fantasy Required, will be released by Ninja Tunes imprint Counter Records on 4 March.

The album features recent single Bugatti and 2013 club smash Plush, and will be trailed by another single, Don't Break My Heart. As with previous long players Sexor (2005) and Ciao (2009), collaborative processes have played a key role in No Fantasy Required's conception. Several tracks were co-produced with Matthew Dear, while Hudson Mohawke, Jake Shears and Paranoid London all make guest appearances.

Musically, we're told to expect Tiga's trademark fusion of pop sensibilities with the kind of innate understanding of what makes dancefloors move that you only get from 20-plus years behind the decks. We're also assured it's “a collection of inspired songs that just happen to be delivered via visceral dance music. It’s an album with songs and real character, one also packed with instant bangers.”

The full tracklist for No Fantasy Required is as follows:

1. No Fantasy Required

2. Make Me Fall In Love [co-prod. Matthew Dear, ft. Jake Shears]

3. 3 Rules [co-prod. Matthew Dear]

4. Having So Much Fun [co-prod. Matthew Dear]

5. Tell Me Your Secret

6. Always [ft. Paranoid London]

7. Planet E [ft. Hudson Mohawke]

8. Plush

9. Bugatti

10. Don’t Break My Heart

11. Blondes Have More Fun

The Hudson Mohawke collab Planet E has already been unveiled online. Hear it below... and then start counting down the days till 4 March!

Tiga pic: Femme De Sarkozy





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