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Time to EXHALE

New vocal instrument from the makers of REV and S))GNAL

2015 Nov 23     
2 Bit Thugs

EXHALE features 500 vocal presets, all of which were created by recording real singers and a choir, and all of which tempo-sync to your tracks

If you're thinking your latest production needs a vocal, but you don't use that “six million ways to die” sample for the six millionth time and you don't happen to know any singers, then EXHALE, a new vocal instrument plug-in from Output, could be just what you're looking for

EXHALE can operate as a standalone program or as a VST, AU, RTAS, AAX or ASIO plug-in. It features 500 preset sounds, which can be triggered in three different ways: Notes for chromatic playing, Loops for, er, looping, and Slices for chopping up phrases. You can customise the sounds with EXHALE's range of built-in effects, and while all the samples will automatically lock to your production's master tempo, there's also manual Pitch Shift control if you want to get a little more creative (or just need to do some fine-tuning).

EXHALE is available now, priced £149. For more details, see





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