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Tobacco Dock has a new 'virtual space'

The virtual venue recreates the East London club in VR

2021 Jan 28     
2 Bit Thugs

Tobacco Dock Virtual will have its first outing this Easter

With the coronavirus pandemic showing no signs of easing any time soon, many clubs, live venues and event promoters have been forced to look for new ways of doing what they do. And the latest to do so are London's Tobacco Dock, who've just announced the birth of a virtual baby sister.

Developed by Sansar, a company which specialises in staging and facilitating online events, Tobacco Dock Virtual will be accessible on any Mac, PC, tablet or VR headset, and is essentially an online recreation of the bricks and mortar club. Events with multiple rooms/stages can be held “within” this space, while the Sansar platform allows for gaming elements to be built into the experience, though details of how this might work haven't yet been made revealed.

Tobacco Dock have also partnered with Beatport to make Tobacco Virtual Dock streamable on Beatport, Facebook, YouTube and Twitch. And in the longer term, it's hoped that once live music and club nights ARE finally allowed to return, Tobacco Dock Virtual will continue to operate as a gaming-based adjunct to the physical club, enhancing clubgoers' experience of a night out at the venue.

Paul Jack, a director of LWE (the events company that owns Tobacco Dock), said: “Tobacco Dock has hosted some of our most exciting shows and led the way in the UK for vast daytime events. This next step on our journey will pave the way for hybrid events within a fully immersive digital and physical space, providing a huge new platform to showcase music.”

The technology is set to make its debut this coming Easter Weekend, with more details TBA on 16 February. In the meantime, you can get a taste of how it all works here.





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