2020 Dec 09     
2 Bit Thugs

The NYC master shows he's lost none of his touch

New York house veteran Todd Terry takes it back to the old school on this single-tracker on his own InHouse Records label.

We needn't actually detain you too long with this one. Partly because there's just the one mix, partly because it's quite a simple affair to boot, but mostly because regular iDJ readers who've been paying attention will know the track already – it was featured on the Making Waves mix that boiish supplied for us recently. For anyone who missed that, though… Black Again finds Terry firmly in raw, stripped-back and jackin' mode, topping tough, pounding 4/4s with a looping spoken/rapped vocal –  "time to rip the track again/making house black again". It's simple, yes, but it kicks like the proverbial mule.

I actually saw someone bitching about this record online, saying "Why's Todd Terry rehashing his 90s sound?". Because he's Todd mummycuddlin' Terry and he can, is the obvious answer to that… and because when he does, it still sounds as good as this!

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 12 December



Review Score: 9




Tags: Todd Terry, InHouse Records, house, NYC