2019 Jul 06     
2 Bit Thugs

Ess O Ess's Charlie Stoker also makes his remix debut on the EP

A desirable one here which features an Original Mix, two remixes from Running Back’s Gerd Janson and the first ever remix from Charlie Nobody, AKA Chris Stoker from Ess O Ess, which all add up to a release that’s well worth seeking out.

The Original Mix of Coat Bra Pants shows off Vyvyan’s disco-house stylings and starts with a live-sounding drummed intro, with added female moans and sci-fi synth stabs that take you to an early breakdown with a rave-influenced keyboard sound and riff. It then progresses with a solid bassline added and deep tones, and is a crowd-mover with lots of spacey stabs and the drums playing loud and proud in the background. Next is the Charlie Nobody Remix, which has a gentle intro with synths and the breathy vocal chops, along with snare fills and the sci-fi stabs, which all build nicely to a breakdown that takes the track in a more spaced-out and proggy direction. 

Finally we get the two Gerd Janson renditions. The Gerd Janson Remix is a pumped-up floorfiller with 90s New York leanings, which sounds great and takes us back to the glory days when house ruled the club scene. The Gerd Janson Cosmic Dub then goes off on a completely different tangent, with ethnic percussion, dubby vocals, a funky dub bassline and a whole host of synth wizardry in play, making for a great alternative to the other three rubs.

What we have there, then, is a great set of remixes to compliment an already classy original, making this a well-rounded package that I will happily play all the cuts from over the coming months. No favourites as it's all great music.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 5 July


Review Score: 8




Tags: Vyvyan, Me Me Me, Gerd Janson, Charlie Nobody, house