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Weekend Primer #16

Ten things to talk about on the smoking terrace this weekend

2016 May 13     
2 Bit Thugs

This week: James Blake, Matthew Herbert, Rudimental, Skream, My Nu Leng, Kool Herc, Space Ibiza and more

1. Following the release of his 'surprise' album The Colour In Everything last week, James Blake (pictured) has announced a series of three globe-trotting live dates to promote him. Catch him at the Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles on 16 May, at Webster Hall in New York on 18 May, or at Village Underground in London on 23 May.

2. Forthcoming albums to look out for include Matthew Herbert's A Nude, which is out on Accidental Records on 1 July and which has been created entirely from sounds made by a naked body over the course of 24 hours, and Remixed, a collection of remixes (durr) from Skream's label Of Unsound Mind, featuring Waifs & Strays, Matt Tolfrey, Man Without A Clue, No Artificial Colours and more. It's out on 17 June.

3. Big iDJ props go this week to Rudimental, My Nu Leng, Throwing Shade and Machinedrum. They're among the artists who've given their time freely to remix tracks from the International Library of African Music, for an album called Beating Heart: Malawi that will raise funds for Beating Heart, a charity that provides meals to African schoolkids.

4. Croatian artist Ivan Dilberovic has create some playable vinyl business cards that can be printed with your name, address, logo etc, and that play a song of your choice. Whether they're going to be available to buy or exist merely as an art project, however, doesn't seem to be entirely clear...

5. It hasn't been a good week to be a hip-hop founding father. Following a string of historic abuse allegations, which he fervently denies, Afrika Bambaataa's Universal Zulu Nation is under new leadership, while DJ Kool Herc is embroiled in a lawsuit of his own - he's suing HBO for unauthorised use of his name, voice and likeness in its drama series Vinyl, a fictionalised depiction of the music industry in the 1970s.

6. It hasn't been the best week to be Club Space in Miami, either! A local banner-flying company (planes trailing club banners overhead are 'a thing' in Miami) has taken to flying over the club with a banner saying "Club Space - please pay your banner bill". The club owners are now suing the banner company for defamation.

7. Meanwhile over in Ibiza, as you know Space Ibiza is closing at the end of this season, and now more details have emerged about what comes next. The new owners, who also own Ushuaia, have confirmed that it will still be a nightclub and not, as rumours have suggested, been converted into apartments or a shopping centre. Hurrah!

8. Some good news as well from Australia. The country may have lost its leading electronic music festival Stereosonic following the bankruptcy of parent company SFX Entertainment, but Stereosonic founder Richie McNeill has announced plans to come back with not one but two new festivals. No details yet, but McNeill's company Hardware Corporation has recently been working with the likes of Carl Cox, Sven Vath and Laurent Garnier, so what comes next may well be a bit less EDM-tastic than Stereosonic.

9. While we're on the topic of goings-on Down Under, Australian DJ Kasey Taylor and promoter Robert Oung were arrested for drug smuggling this week, after trying to walk through customs having swallowed a staggering kilogramme of ketamine between them. Not really such a bright idea after all, eh lads?

10. It's antics like the above that lead the powers-that-be to take a dim view of our culture. So spare a thought for ravers in Tulum, Mexico: the tourist destination had become a popular party spot for those attending the nearby BPM festival, but now the local government has issued a blanket ban on "rave parties". And similar legislation is also being mooted in San Bernadino county, California, where a vote on the issue will take place on 24 May. Boo! Hiss! Etc.





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