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A brand new techno night for London

Shadow Faktory launches at Omeara on 25 November

2016 Nov 12     
2 Bit Thugs

DJs on the opening night are Cosmin TRG, Deepbass and Claudio PRC

London is getting a brand new techno night in the form of Shadow Faktory, which debuts at recently opened bar/club venue Omeara (near London Bridge) on 25 November, and will then go monthly from January. Your selectors for the launch night will be Cosmin TRG, Deepbass and Claudio PRC.

Shadow Faktory takes its name from Omeara's location, hidden away under some railway arches: during WW2, 'shadow factories' were RAF production lines that were housed inside existing car plants, so as to avoid detection by Nazi reconnaissance planes. 

As for the music policy, they tell us they're aiming "to showcase the finest established and emerging techno artists, emphasising a darker, more industrial sound. Providing a refined and carefully curated experience, Shadow Faktory will channel the ethos of Berlin’s dance scene and bring its intense yet minimal atmosphere to South London."

There's a sampler mix below to give you an idea what to expect... if you're liking that, then tickets for the opening night are just £10, and you can get yours here.






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