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Abbey Road launches Topline app

Capture melodic ideas wherever you are

2017 Oct 04     
2 Bit Thugs

The iOS app is available now, and is free to download

Although we don't have scientific data to back up the claim, years of anecdotal experience tell us that the majority of dance music composers/producers tend to write 'bottom up' - that is, starting with the beats or the bassline, then adding lyrics and melodic elements later.

Part of the reason for that, of course, is that compared to programming a 4/4 drum pattern, writing lyrics and melodies is hard. It's an aspect of composition that tends to rely much more on inspiration striking, and less on simply messing about in your DAW of choice and seeing what works. And part of the problem with that, is that such moments of inspiration tend to be fleeting - musical ideas that strike you out of the ether can vanish back into it just as quickly.

Which is why London's world-famous Abbey Road Studios have just launched their first-ever iOS app. Topline, as the name suggests, is designed to give composers, songwriters and producers a way of capturing those ideas quickly and easily before they're forgotten, wherever they may happen to be at the time.

Lots of musicians, songwriters and producers are already in the habit of jotting down lyrical ideas in a notes app on their phone, or humming a melody into its voice recorder. Topline lets you do both those things in one place, as well as sing over imported tracks, sync your stored ideas to a cloud-based storage locker, share ideas with other users, or even add pictures - perhaps if you've had a great idea for the cover of your next release, or have been inspired by a particular location to compose your next ambient masterpiece.

Available now as a free download for iOS devices via the App Store, the Topline app is the latest in a series of hi-tech musical innovations to emerge from Abbey Road's Red programme, a start-up mentoring scheme that has also benefited the likes of and Audiohunt, a kind of 'Uber for sound processing' service that gives bedroom users access to high-end vintage kit on a pay-per-use basis.





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