2018 Mar 24     
2 Bit Thugs

It's only the second release from new Lisztomania sub-label Sundries

A fun and funky two-tracker here coming from Egypt via Russia on the newly formed Sundries label. Sundries Digital is a Lisztomania sub-label that was set up to introduce disco house and underground house tracks, which these two undoubtedly are.

The first track is called Jazzy Freedom, and starts with a kickdrum and hi-hat that are then joined by a piano lick and a funky bassline. There are also swung drums, a female vocal repeating "freedom" and a one-note string line which all add to the laidback, jazzy vibe of the track - it'd be perfect for terrace plays or chilled-out soirées. The second track, Dwellers, is based around a religious speech and starts out with just a kickdrum, a clap and a funky guitar lick, which are joined by shuffling percussion and a funky bassline. There's a load of panning going on and the message is "to learn to be patient and gentle with one another". There's an added conga lick and the track plays out with just the handclaps and percussion.

The release is pretty lo-fi, which only adds to its charm in these days of tracks that are polished to clinical perfection! My favourite is Jazzy Freedom.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 23 March




Review Score: 7




Tags: Adham Zahran, Sundries, Lisztomania