2016 Jul 12     
2 Bit Thugs

Vesna Recordings boss Yaaman teams up with Mannheim-based producer Adrian Barron

This two-track EP is a collaboration between German-based Adrian Barron and Ukrainian-based Maxim Proskurnia, AKA Yaaman. Both DJs/producers come from a hip-hop background, but for this release they've kept the genre strictly house all the way.

First up is Lost, which begins with a kick drum and synth intro, then builds in percussive layers and brings in a funky bassline and synth riff which take you neatly up to a breakdown of sorts where the male spoken vocal is layered over a subtle breakbeat. The track has a retro 90s feel overall, with some dubby elements as well.

Beggin’ is a four-to-the-floor track with a male vocal saying "baby I’m beggin'". It has one-note string lines, a synth bassline, organs and a subtle acidic synth riff to keep the groove going throughout. Again it has that retro 90s feel that's so popular of late, but it still manages to sound original and not laboured in any way.

Both cuts are well produced and compliment each other, and both have worked well on the floor for yours truly already. My favourite of the two is Beggin’ but both tracks work well - rather than having one main track and a pointless remix as, sadly, is often the case these days!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 25 July


Review Score: 8




Tags: Adrian Barron, Yaaman, Vesna Recordings, house