2020 Jun 07     
2 Bit Thugs

Belgian newcomer Aemone demonstrates some impressive flexibility in the studio

Aemone is a relative newcomer from Belgium with just a couple of EPs to his name, while the label this comes on, Everybody In, was only launched a year ago. Which makes the musical breadth and quality on display here all the more impressive. And by "breadth," what I mean is that no two of the four tracks here, eminently playable as they all are, sound even remotely alike!

Hold You is perhaps the most straight-up "deep house" cut of the four, calling to mind the output of labels like Soul Supplement, Ready Mix Records and other keepers of the west coast flame with its echoing soulful vocal snips, intricate bassline, lingering pads and trippy synth topline. Purple Sun then takes us into much more summery territory with a track that nods to Brazilian jazz. There'a a jazzy flavour to Rise, too, only here Aemone's conjuring smoky, sleazy San Francisco clip joints rather than the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, on a cut that has echoes of the lo-fi, jazzual hip-hop peddled by Cold Busted. And then we finish on a complete left turn as Take Your Time takes us back in time to the rave era.

Hold You and Rise take top honours for me, but this is a very strong EP all round, and one that marks out Aemone as one to watch.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 5 June



Review Score: 8




Tags: Aemone, Everybody In, deep house