2017 May 21     
2 Bit Thugs

The Barcelona duo serve up cuts ranging from acid to jazz to tech

Aiby & The Noise return to Spain's Redpanda Music here with an EP that shows the Barcelona duo are certainly no one-trick ponies.

The title track is up first. It'd be fair to say the acid house force is strong in this one, but don't get it twisted: this is no mere rehashing of those warehouse days of glory. Yes, there are simple 909 drums, a throbbing 303 bassline and plenty of acid chirps n' bleeps, and that looping, hip-housey "hit the dancefloor" is in a similarly old school vein, but there's something of a tech-housey swagger too, making this more an update of that vintage Chi-town sound rather than a mere homage.

Next up comes Jazz Affair, which comes in two mixes. The Original starts with no-nonsense 4/4s, rides and a strange, distorted, almost frog-like vocal snippet. A fat n' funky bassline joins the party around a minute in but even that doesn't prepare you for what happens around the 2:40 mark, when jazzy piano chords and a looped "into the groove" vocal take over and things get seriously jumping. The accompanying Kyodai Remix is a notch deeper and a tad more to the point, but I think the original's quirky charm wins out for me even if Kyodai's rub may prove easier to programme. Random Situation closes out the EP, another track that blends vintage acid and contemporary tech flavas (with a nod to early 90s Belgian techno in the stabs to boot) but one that leans this time more heavily towards the latter.

A very strong EP all round, and it's always good to hear producers that aren't afraid to try out different styles. There's something here to suit a range of moods/situations/DJs so check it out for yourself...

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 16 May



Review Score: 9




Tags: Aiby & The Noise, Redpanda Music, acid house, jazz house, tech-house, tech house