2021 Oct 19     
2 Bit Thugs

The Manchester native impresses greatly on this three-tracker for Cuttin' Headz' new sub-label

What we have here is only the second release from Boogeyman, a sub-label of the Martinez Brothers' Cuttin' Headz imprint. The label's run by Jesse Colosso – a childhood friend of the Brothers, latterly turned label-mate – and launched with his Boogeytime EP back in July. Now it's the turn of another Cuttin' Headz regular, AJ Christou to show us what he can do… and he more than delivers.

The EP kicks off with Club 702, which opens with a woman's voice saying "702" over a simple kick+glitches backdrop before introducing the LAAARGE bassline that will be your constant companion for the next five and a half minutes. Round about the two-minute mark an old school organ joins the party; there's also a wonked-out breakdown in the mid-section but that's it in terms of musical elements – Club 702 ain't nothin' but a groove, but what a groove it is!

Club 702 is followed by the title track Contagious, which is similar in overall MO but rides a skippier, less minimal-inspired backbeat. More organs come out to play here, this time in clipped, dub-like fashion, and yes there's another big hefty bassline underpinning it all as well as snatches of soulful vocal from the mid-section onwards. And then finally we come to Quarter Snacks, whose slinky-ass bassline equals that of Club 702 for dancefloor irresistibilty, and is married to an almost hip-house style looped male vocal snip.

If these three cuts don't get your ass shaking then I honestly don't know what will – good stuff.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 15 October


Review Score: 9




Tags: AJ Christou, Boogeyman, Cuttin' Headz, Jesse Colosso, Martinez Brothers, house