2020 Feb 08     
2 Bit Thugs

Fitzpatrick's remix may raise eyebrows in some quarters, but it's respectfully done

Now here's a record that some people would argue didn't need making – and I get that. Especially because Haven't You Heard is a personal fave: I've played it out countless times, and never had any trouble filling a floor with the original version.

But then I play disco records, and not everyone does! Fitzpatrick's remix, which essentially just puts contemporary tech-house kicks under the original track, will therefore take this classic track to dancefloors it would never otherwise reach, which is surely a good thing? The man deserves credit, too, for not attempting to pass off the track as his own: in this era of endless, made-in-two-minutes "old record + 4/4 house beat" bootlegs, sorry, re-edits (and 20 years on from Daddy's Favourite's I Feel Good Things For You, which ripped it shamelessly), it's good to see Rushen getting the credit she's due.

Like I said, this is a record that some people would argue didn't need making… but it's been made now, hasn't it? So let's just be glad that Fitzpatrick has actually made a pretty good fist of his two new rubs, the housier Half-Charged Mix and the tougher Fully Charged Mix, keeping the musicality but adding a dose of more 2020-friendly dancefloor energy. 

Oh, and that annoying last-minute key change has gone, too, which is something that anyone who does still play the original might be glad to hear…

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 7 February



Review Score: 8




Tags: Alan Fitzpatrick, Patrice Rushen, FFRR, Daddy's Favourite, tech house, tech-house, disco, boogie, Daddy's Favourite