2018 Sep 09     
2 Bit Thugs

NYC native Nieves provides three originals, Proudly People take care of remix duties

Rising NYC tech-house DJ/producer Nieves releases his debut EP on Mar-T’s essential Wow! Recordings, with three original tracks plus a remix of the title track by Proudly People.

First up is the Original Mix of Dirty Lie itself, which starts with a drum loop that's added to as the track progresses, then builds with a muted bassline and odd ethnic percussion fills into a midtempo chugger with a string line for tension and sci-fi synth stabs. There's a muted vocal and some birds chirping as well, and as bizarre as it sounds, it all gels together nicely. Next up is the Proudly People Remix, a stronger track in my opinion with more punchy production, an amped-up bassline and a much stronger backbeat that drives the track ever forward.

Next comes Acid Mind, which features a quiet breakbeat, loud claps, swirling synths and heavily effected vocals. There's a large synth-laden breakdown which works well, and the track is another strong one. And then finally we come to What You, which has a thudding kick and a galloping bassline, and features vocal samples and throbbing synths which all make for another exciting and danceable to tune.

As tech-house spreads its wings further afield, it's interesting to hear people from other nations' take on the sound. There are three solid, danceable tracks here on this EP and I’m sure it will find favour with many DJs and dancers alike.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 7 September



Review Score: 8




Tags: Alan Nieves, WOW! Recordings, tech house, tech-house, Proudly People