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Alesis launches new VST-friendly keyboard

Introducing the VX49 with VIP software

2015 Nov 18     
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The new MIDI keyboard enables you to control your virtual instruments direct, without needing to touch your computer

New from Alesis comes the VX49 MIDI controller keyboard. It's a 49-key affair, with a semi-weighted keyboard, eight 360-degree knobs, four banks of eight velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads and 4.3-inch, full colour screen. So far, so par for the course in 2015… but what really makes the VX49 stand out is its built-in VIP (Virtual Instrument Player) software.

Developed by Alesis's sister company AKAI, Virtual Instrument Player gives you full control of all the virtual instruments you have loaded into your DAW without ever needing to take your hands off the keyboard. You can quickly flick through patches in your plug-in library, making it quicker and easier to find the sound you're after, and once you've selected an instrument, VIP automatically maps its functions to the various controls on the VX49. You can create 'multis' – chains of plug-ins that can be saved for instant access later. And for live performance, you can save banks of virtual instruments so that you can flick to those needed for the next track at the touch of a button.

The VX49 is compatible with all leading DAWs but comes with Ableton Live Lite supplied. Also bundled with the keyboard are several virtual synths including Vacuum Pr, Loom, Hybrid 3 and Xpand! 2, the Velvet and Eighty Eight virtual pianos and the Transfuser loop editor.

The Alesis VX49 will be available before the end of the year, priced at $400 (European pricing still TBC).

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