2019 Feb 02     
2 Bit Thugs

Both 'Radium' and 'Lithium' find a fan in Danny Slade…

Brazilian-born, German-based artist Alex Stein teams up with fellow countryman Blackroof to release this dark, energetic, synth-dominated EP, and the results are pretty spectacular.

Opener Radium starts with a deep kickdrum, and adds hi-hats and grunge-y noises. As the melody begins to develop, the intensity rises as the synth-heavy track builds into an all-singing, all-dancing techno masterclass. There are futuristic sounds and dark pads in play as the track keeps upping the intensity, until it reaches a crescendo and a breakdown with sci-fi overtones and a throbbing backbeat with mechanical sounds and a synth lead that rises in volume and intensity until a double clap signals the beginning of the outro, where the sounds peel away to leave just a throbbing beat. 

The next track is called Lithium. As with Radium, all the sounds here are synth-generated, which gives the track a great techno feel. It starts with a kick and a pulsating bassline, then adds twisted sounds and rhythms until you have an intense offering that sounds great at loud volumes: the sounds are clear and individual and backed by a one-note string line which adds great tension.

My favourite here is Lithium, as I like the bassline and the acidic undertones, but I will no doubt end up playing both tracks as this EP is a fine slice of synth wizardry and has its own individual sound.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 28 January



Review Score: 8




Tags: Alex Stein, Blackroof, Octopus Black Label, techno