2018 Nov 04     
2 Bit Thugs

Tenerife-based Alex Wellmann signs to Hector Couto's Roush

Alex Wellman has been signed to Hector Couto’s Roush imprint. As both hail from Tenerife it's a signing that makes perfect sense, and Wellman's first release on the label is an excellent four-tracker of quality tech-house that's well worth a listen.

First up is the title track, which begins with a long breakbeat intro, then eventually adds a male spoken vocal (of sorts) in the form of a grunt, which is a prelude to the addition of another minimalist vocal saying "Charlie! My man!". Apart from that it's a tight breakbeat workout that suits me perfectly as I love my breakbeats. The second track, Goodbye! Okey, has another drum-led intro but this time adds a rolling bassline, sci-fi FX and other vocal samples, as well as some old-school rave stabs which beef it up considerably. 

The third track, No Disco, again has a breakbeat intro but is added to by a sample with American political leanings. There are more old school organ stabs, but essentially it's another breakbeat workout. Finally you have the more uptempo UK Out Here, which kicks off with another breakbeat drum pattern and adds more sound stabs before the arrival of yet another rolling bassline and some LinnDrum samples, a phone ringing and some messed-up vocal samples that sound great.

This is one of those records that's really best heard for yourself, as it's hard to describe the subtle nuances in sound, so check it out ASAP. I have a feeling you won't be disappointed!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 2 November


Review Score: 8




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