2017 Feb 03     
2 Bit Thugs

Dark, driving techy grooves are the order of the day on this three-track EP

Here, German producer Alexander Aurel teams up with Madrid's Danny Serrano for a three-tracker that you can file under 'tech-house' or 'techno' as you see fit.

The EP features one solo production from each of the pair, plus a joint effort. Getting the ball rolling is Aurel, whose Jupiter sits right on the techno/tech-house divide. It's a moody, sinuous affair, augmented by energising, prog-tinged synths; the beats may be a little 'light' and house-y for the technoheads but the ominous, scraping synth sweeps should certainly be dark enough! Next up, Serrano gives us Twin Peaks, a more pounding, more heads-down and more overtly technofied cut, with an extended breakdown in the middle to give the dancers time to get their breath back.

Only then do we come to the title track, which is where these two musical minds meet - and what a meeting it is! Collapse is the most house-y track on the EP, but the beats slam hard enough to ensure it should work across a range of floors, while the throbbing b-line injects a healthy dose of Da Funk and echoing, looped-up vocal stabs add a little old skool flava.

All three cuts are quite pacey by contemporary standards, meaning this is one to keep in the box till the floor's properly warmed up. But when the time's right, any one of the three will slay 'em, though for this reviewer it's the title track that's the standout.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 3 February


Review Score: 9




Tags: Leena Music, Alexander Aurel, Danny Serano, tech house, tech-house