2018 Feb 17     
2 Bit Thugs

Argentinian duo Heatbeat take care of remix duties

AlexMo returns on his own label to deliver a slice of take-no-prisoners hard dance that's accompanied by a fantastic trance remix by Heatbeat.

First up is Alex’s Original version, which starts out with a kick, clap and hi-hat that are swiftly joined by some hoover-esque sounds and a distinctive bassline, taking you into the main body of the track which is teeming with hard energy and twisted sounds. There is a vocal sample in a Hammer Horror style that's repeated a number of times and adds to the general madness of the track, and if you like it energetic, techy and chock-a-block with rave-y hoover sounds then this mix is sure to find favour.

The Heatbeat Remix is a little less intense and starts out with a kick, hi-hat and the bassline, which are augmented by some pads and and a whole load of acidic sounds. The feel is more trance-y but the pressure is still dialled up to the max: this isn't one of those floaty, ethereal trancers, this is full-on hard trance with loads of chopped-up madness. A massive breakdown offers some respite from the insanity, but only for a short while, as a massive arpeggiated riff then appears out of nowhere and takes the roof off before it's back into the fray as the track continues to the end

My favourite is the trance remix but both are top-quality tough tunes that will shake off the cobwebs of virtually anything in the soundsystem’s path!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 14 February



Review Score: 8




Tags: AlexMo, Morality Records, Heatbeat, hard dance, hard trance