2021 Aug 09     
2 Bit Thugs

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DLT9, a sub-label of Italian drum & bass imprint Delta9 Recordings, bring us this darker-than-dark three-tracker from fellow Italian Am:X.

The three tracks on offer do, it has to be said, all follow broadly the same MO. But taking them one by one, Red Rock itself opens with a full minute of gently tinkling top-end percussion, sirens, bleeps and assorted sound FX before busting out a sparse, stepper's rhythm and a descending wobble bassline that'll loosen up parts of your intestines you didn't know you had. Another long, cinematic intro ushers in Time, which is a fair bit more frantic in the beats department, while on on the more tech-leaning Travel, things get a little bit glitchier and more industrial-sounding.

But overall, what you have here are three uncompromising slabs of dark, minimal drum & bass that are just BEGGING to be played on a big system. Help 'em out, would you?

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 13 August (general release)



Review Score: 8




Tags: Am:X, DLT9, Delta9 Recording, drum & bass, drum n bass, drum + bass, DNB, D&B, D+B