2018 Sep 30     
2 Bit Thugs

Vancouver's Andromo and San Diego-based Mexican producer Delia Ros join forces

Vancouver-based Andromo links with Mexican producer Delia Ros for this, their first collaboration, and the result is two essential tracks to finish the summer in fine style.

First up is Beyond The Sun. It starts with a bassline and percussive loop, then adds subtle scratch samples, an intermittent synth stab and a wobbly topline, plus a heavily-processed male spoken vocal that gives the track a blissed-out feel. There's a breakdown with stabbed, echoed piano notes and a tense one-note string line, then on it rolls with its galloping backbeat and totally sunkissed feel.

The second track is called Be Patient [Andromo Mix] and is an altogether deeper affair. A quirky galloping intro with echoed percussive sounds is joined by a grooving bassline and icy hi-hats that give it a dark, dubby feel, with reverb and echo on the topline and vocal cuts that come in intermittently. There's a breakdown featuring a keyboard riff and an orchestral, one-note string sound, and the whole track sounds nicely chilled out and perfect for late night/early morning rotation.

Beyond The Sun would perhaps be the more obvious of the two for club play, but both are floor-friendly and for me both are winners. I will enjoy playing them both out in the coming months, as I suspect a lot of other DJs will as well.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 28 September



Review Score: 8




Tags: Andromo, Delia Ros, Superfreq, tech house, tech-house