2018 Mar 04     
2 Bit Thugs

With over 100 releases under his belt, Italian producer Ferreri makes his Soulfuric debut

Here, Italian producer Angelo Ferreri, whose work has previously featured on highly respected US labels such as Nervous, Street King and Henry Street, makes his Soulfuric debut with a three-tracker that impresses for the breadth of its musicality.

The title track Want To Say is up first, opening with a warm, muted kick, chopped-up fragments of the vocal and some funk guitar stabs. Then, at around the one-minute mark, a fat, rolling bassline and the full vocal arrive, augmented by some splendid jazz ivories. It's almost textbook Soulfuric material this one, and those jaunty keys should ensure maximum floor appeal for the real dancers. I'm Talking To You, which follows, is in a not dissimilar vein but is a little more brash and strutty, with something of a late 90s filter disco kinda feel.

It's the third track The Real Ghetto that really impresses, though. Opening with understated 4/4s, a lolloping bassline and a nagging two-note organ (?) riff, The Real Ghetto then reveals itself, from around 1:10 in, to be a splendidly rich and musical near-instrumental (some Brass Construction-esque chants/shouts aside) that blends jazz-funk and west coast rock influences, then fits them neatly to a deep house framework. The track also owes a debt of inspiration (though it's neither a sample nor a cover, just similar in feel) to Donny Hathaway's classic The Ghetto - hence, presumably the title!

The other two tracks are also of a very high quality and will go down a storm on dedicated soulful floors, but The Real Ghetto is stunning, and worth the price of admission on its own.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 2 March




Review Score: 9




Tags: Angelo Ferreri, Soulfuric Trax, soulful house