2017 Dec 07     
2 Bit Thugs

Jon Bawden serves up a hard trance killer on his own label, with remixes from ReDrive and Hagane Shizuka

If you're a fan of the harder end of trance, this release should have you covered, with three mixes to choose from that epitomise the genre.

First up is the ReDrive Remix, which starts with a thudding kick and percussive loop. After a snare roll, another kick comes into play that's every bit as menacing as the first. As the track charges ever forward, there are lots of mini-changes as it winds towards a breakdown with a big synth riff that's uplifting to the maximum and backed by a breakbeat.

Next you get the Original Mix, which is less intense and builds more slowly, with snares and risers and a sidechained bassline. There are acidic stabs and a vocal line and it's very effective. Finally you have the Hagane Shizuka Remix, which starts with muted sounds and a voice saying “I’ve lost my mind... mindscape”. This mix again has a slower build and isn't as hard as the other two, but is more musical with synth melodies, arpeggiated riffs and another breakbeat. It toughens up a bit with a grunting acid line, and despite not having the raw energy of the first two it's still very playable.

The ReDrive Remix is my favourite here, but all three mixes should satiate any hard trance fan's desires. They are all well produced and are a pleasure to play very loud.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 4 December



Review Score: 8




Tags: Anima, Xtraxx Records, hard trance, Hagana Shizuka, ReDrive