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Apogee unveils new audio interfaces

Say hello to the brand new Element range

2016 Oct 09     
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There are three models in the series, so you're not paying for more I/O than you need

Apogee has introduced a new range of Thunderbolt audio interfaces called Element. The line-up consists of three models: Element 24, Element 46 and Element 88.

The main differentiator between the three is that Element 24 boasts 10 inputs and 12 outputs, while Element 46 has 12 ins and 14 outs, and Element 88 has 16 ins and 16 outs. The rest of the feature set is the same for all three models: 192K/24-bit AD/DA conversion, built-in mic pre-amps with 48V phantom power, single-port Thunderbolt connectivity for Mac users, and headphone output optimisation as seen on the Apogee Groove DAC/headphone amp.

Once it's all plugged in and wired up, your new audio interface can be controlled in one of two ways. Either install the free Element Control software, which is available for both Mac OS X and iOS, or invest in the Apogee Control hardware controller for old-fashioned hands-on control. Logic Pro X users get a bonus here - the Element Control suite integrates with Logic and will place Apogee controls right on the channel strip in your DAW.

Element 24 will go on sale next month, priced $595 (£480 approx). Element 46 and Element 48 are available now, priced $895 (£720 approx) and $1,495 (£1,200 approx) respectively. An Apogee Control hardware controller will set you back a further $195 (£155 approx).

For more information, see Apogee's own website.





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