2016 Dec 01     
2 Bit Thugs

The EP comes on his own Blackstrobe Records label

A great genre-defying, four-track release from French producer Arnaud Rebotini here, which breaks the chains of what is commonly called 'techno' and gives each of the four tracks a bespoke feel.

First up is the EP title track Desillusion, which starts with a simple snare and clap intro, then grows with other percussive instrumentation until the main synth riff kicks in, quietly at first and then getting louder as the track progresses, with risers and another topline added for good measure. It's a real groover and sets you up nicely for the next track, Wildwood Orphan, which starts with a bombardment of synths over a chunky techno backbeat then develops nicely into a cacophony of sound. It's quite intense, but even at high volume you can pick out each screaming synth riff, and the result is one seriously danceable track.

The DJs Wailing is quite laidback compared to the first two yet still manages to find its groove, with an acidic synth riff over metallic percussive sounds and a simple electro bassline. The track is built round the twists and turns of the acid sound, and apart from some chords and a tension-building one-note string sound that's all it needs. Finally you have Sieg!, which starts with a galloping disco/electro 303 bassline and builds with a thudding kickdrum, handclaps and hi-hat to a clangy main riff. There's a nice breakdown and snare roll build-up before it heads back into the main riff.

If you're after an EP that's techno in its orientation but likes to break the rules, this is a great example as the Frenchman has created a four-track melting pot of musical ideas which is right up my boulevard!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 9 December


Review Score: 8




Tags: Arnaud Rebotini, Blackstrobe Records, Black Strobe, techno