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Audio-Technica announces AT-LP120XUSB

Entry-level DJ turntable gets an upgrade for 2019

2019 Jan 09     
2 Bit Thugs

Deck now features an improved phono preamp and a new direct drive motor

While DJs' Twitter feeds and Facebook timelines fill up with endless arguments about the merits or otherwise of the new Technics SL-1200 Mk 7, another new DJ turntable was also launched at CES this week - the AT-LP120XUSB from Audio-Technica.

Retailing at £245, the LP120X (as we're going to call it for short) is aimed at the entry-level end of the market, just like its predecessor the AT-LP120USB. On first glance it appears to be virtually identical to the previous model, but the deck now features a new direct-drive motor with 1kg of torque. It's also a little less tall, and features enhanced anti-skate control and an improved built-in phone preamp, for direct connection to amps without a phono stage (note that the latter is user-selectable, so you can still connect to phono channels on your amp/mixer as well).

Oh, and it now comes loaded with an AT-HS6 headshell and the new AT-VM95E cartridge, replacing the AT-95E. Other features remain much the same: there's 33, 45 and 78rpm play, +/- 8 or 16% pitch control, a USB port and a bundled copy of Audacity for making vinyl rips, and it's available in black and silver finishes.

The LP120XUSB isn't the only new turntable Audio-Technica is showing off at CES this week, either. There's also the wooden-plattered AT-LPW40TN and AT-LPW30TK (£299 and £259, respectively), and the entry-level (but not DJ-friendly) AT-LP60X, AT-LP60XUSB, AT-LP60XBT and AT-LP60XHR (£99-£179).

All of the above will be available from February. For more information, see Audio-Technica's own website.





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