2019 Nov 18     
2 Bit Thugs

… with a little dose of speed garage nostalgia on the flip!

Audiojack's Gruuv reach their 100th release with this two-track, four-mix EP from the label bosses themselves, and suffice to say they've chosen their birthday anthem well.

That said, it's not actually Public Disorder that's causing the most disturbance in my own personal neck of the woods. It's good, don't get me wrong – most stuff that comes out on Gruuv is, to be fair, and if you're a fan of the label generally then neither this chunky groover that sits right on the deep/tech cusp, nor the remix from Josh Butler (which strips things back, tuffens up the drums and adds some quirky keyboard flourishes) will disappoint in the slightest.

But for yours truly at least, B-side Foward Into Riddim is the stone cold killer here. The track opens with that very familiar female "wah oh-wah oh-wah oh-waaaaah, oh-wah-wah" sample that The Orb used, but whose original source I'm not sure of (Krush's House Arrest from 1987, I think, but don't quote me). That alone should tell you the boys are in a nostalgic mood here – which is confirmed when next to arrive are, in order, a retro-style breakbeat, garage-y organ stabs and then, after the M1's had a rather pleasing little solo'd twirl in the spotlight, an absolute BEAST of a speed garage bassline. At which point, everyone else releasing records this week might as well pack up and go home, quite frankly.

For younger floors, Seb Zito's pacier, tech'd up refix of Forward Into Riddim also comes highly recommended, and closes out  a very fine 100th release indeed.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 15 November




Review Score: 9




Tags: Audiojack, Gruuv, Josh Butler, Seb Zito, deep house, tech house, speed garage